Fire Department Headquarters


47 Auburn Street
Auburn, MA 01501




Link: Fire Headquarters

Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone
Anderson, Stephen Captain/Fire Inspector 508-407-7630
Borowski, Maureen Administrative Assistant 508-832-7800
Coleman, Stephen Chief 508-832-7800
Johnson, Glenn Deputy Chief 508-832-7800
Morin, Gregory Captain/Fire Inspector 508-407-7630
Tefft, David Group 1 Captain  
Lemieux, Stephen Group 1 Lieutenant  
Wood, Paul Group 4 Lieutenant    
Arcouette, Troy Group 1 Firefighter    
Sheridan, Brian Group 1 Firefighter    
Feldman, Jeremy Group 3 Firefighter    
Ethier, Matt Group 1 Firefighter    
Tyler, Melissa Group 4 Firefighter    
Soja, Maria Group 1 Firefighter    
Steele, Shawn Group 2 Captain  
Martin, Jon Group 2 Lieutenant  
Hartnett, Francis Group 2 Firefighter    
Johnson, Mark Group 2 Firefighter    
DiDonato, Teresa Group 2 Firefighter    
Sweeney, James Group 4 Firefighter    
Fairbanks, Nick Group 1 Firefighter    
Williams, Scott Group 2 Firefighter/EMT    
Brigham, Justin Group 3 Captain  
Henderson, Scott Group 3 Lieutenant  
Davis, Scott Group 1 Firefighter    
O'Brien, Kimberly Group 3 Firefighter    
Nicholson, Rick Group 3 Firefighter    
Parisi, Travis Group 3 Firefighter    
Stafford, Skylar Group 3 Firefighter    
Yursha, Jonathan Group 3 Firefighter    
Hall, Matthew Group 3 Firefighter    
Rivers, Adam Group 4 Captain  
O'Connor, William Firefighter  
Ticlea, Ovi Group 4 Firefighter    
Conway, Jim Group 4 Firefighter    
Pierce, Christopher Group 4 Firefighter    
Krupski, Eric Group 4 Firefighter    
Belsito, Taylor Group 4 Firefighter  
Briggs, Thomas Group 2 Firefighter    
Mitchell, Jeff Call Captain    
Donovan, Joshua Fire Prevention Officer/Engineer  
Sylvia, James Firefighter    
Geeze, Doug Chaplain    

Fire Station 2 

7 West Street
Auburn, MA 01501


Link: Fire Page

Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Bureau of Community Risk Reduction 

7 West Street
Auburn, MA 01501