Decoration of Cemetery Lots

43. The Cemetery Department reserves to itself the entire control of every decoration, tree, shrub, vine or plant growing within its boundaries, whether placed by lot owners or otherwise, including the right of trimming, cutting, or removal without notice, when it considers such removals advisable. All persons are forbidden to gather flowers or to break or injure any tree, shrub, vine, or plant. The Cemetery Department may remove from lots anything determined to be objectionable, injurious or inappropriate to the uses and purpose of the cemetery or contrary to its rules and regulations. Decorations are considered by the Cemetery Department to be any items, including but not limited to, artificial, manufactured, or crafted and any annual plants. The Cemetery may define (as decorations) specific items, in place or anticipated, at any meeting of the Commission.

44. The lot owner shall have the privilege of planting, or have an outside party plant, one or two shrubs per lot. The Cemetery Department assumes immediate control of such plantings. No shrubs may be planted on a single lot, or on any lot located in areas where the restriction states no shrubs on any lots. Planted shrubs may not exceed four feet in height and two feet in width, nor include any plants with thorns. All shrubs must be kept trimmed to these dimensions.

45. Flower beds may not exceed the length of the monument or marker and may not exceed one foot in width. Flowers may be planted on one side of the memorial only. Such plantings are under the approval and supervision of the Cemetery Department. Lots without monuments or markers may have a flowerbed not exceeding one foot by three feet, designated by the Cemetery Department, with allowance for the possible addition of a monument or a marker at a later date. All decorations must be placed within a flower bed or upon a memorial and nowhere else on a lot.

46. Lot owners are responsible for maintaining plantings in a condition acceptable to the Cemetery Department. No settees, urns, candles, solar lights, structures, iron work, fences, bricks, rock gardens, boundary markers, plant hooks, or other non-plant decorations shall be placed on any lot without prior written approval of the Cemetery Department. Any unsightly (weed, dead, discolored, or broken) plants or decorations may be removed by the Cemetery Department without notice. Any decoration that may be destroyed or relocated by wind, weather, or Cemetery maintenance equipment (mower, blower, plow, backhoe, or other) may be removed without notice.

47. The Cemetery will not be liable for decorations or anything placed on, or anything left on, the lot by the owner. When the owner of the lot, or designated representative performs pre-approved work on a lot, all rubbish and excavated materials shall be removed and may be deposited in areas provided for such.

48. All decorations of any description are subject to be removed from the lot twice a year. Fall/Winter decorations will be removed from lots on the 1st of April. Spring/Summer decorations will be removed from the lots on the 1st of October. All decorations will remain off the lots for 15 days (April 1 to 15 and October 1 to 15) to facilitate this regulation. Only Veteran's and Fire Fighter markers and flags may remain in the flower bed during this period of time. Any decorations that the lot owner wishes to save should be removed prior to these dates.