Sewer Connection Permit Guidelines

In connection with all sewer connection permits issued by the Town of Auburn, the following guidelines apply:

  • The original permit must be completed in full, with all required signatures.
  • The original permit must be returned by the drainlayer to the Sewer Department office as soon as possible after the final inspection, complete with an accurate “as-built” showing the location and measurements of the new sewer connection.
  • The permit must be kept on site at all times.
  • Sewer Connection fees ($660 per bedroom for residential connections) must be paid at the time the permit is issued.
  • The permit fee for a single connection is $100. Sewer connection permits will only be issued to drainlayers that are licensed in the Town of Auburn that have provided up-to-date insurance and bond information, which includes:
    • Certificate of adequate insurance - liability insurance $100,000/$300,000 minimum
    • property damage liabiilty $50,000/$100,000 minimum
    • Worker's Compensation insurance, if applicable
    • $5,000 performance bond
  • Two inspections are allowed for the $100 permit fee.