Getting Connected

It is not mandatory to connect to the sewer system if it is available to you. You may need to connect if your septic system does not pass the Title V inspection process.

Permit Fee

If you wish to connect to the Town’s sewer system, the connection must be done by a drainlayer that is licensed in the Town of Auburn. You may pick up the list of licensed drainlayers at the Sewer Division office or you may download the list from this site. You should obtain quotes from at least three of the drainlayers to get an estimated cost of the sewer connection. The drainlayer will obtain the sewer connection permit from the Sewer Department. The fee for a single sewer connection permit is $100.

Sewer Connection Fees

In addition to the permit fee, each new connection requires payment of a sewer Connection Fee to the Town of Auburn.


A connection fee of $660 per bedroom is charged and must be paid prior to the sewer connection permit being issued.


Connection fees for commercial buildings vary, based on the size and use of the building being connected. Please contact the Sewer Department office at 508-832-7811 for information on commercial sewer connection fees.