Voting & Elections

Voter Registration

Voter registration may be done by mail with a mail-in form, in person at the Town Clerk’s office during office hours any time a voter moves into a new town or online.

Voter Registration Form

Voters must be registered to vote 20 days before each election in order to be eligible to vote in that election. On the 20th day before each election a voter registration is held by the Registrars of Voters and the Town Clerk’s office.

In Person Voter registration for any elections held on or before December 31, 2020 will be 10 days before the Election   
Last day to register to voter for September 1st, Primary and Special Town Election is Saturday, August 22nd  -  2PM - 4PM & 7PM - 8PM                                   

Last day to register to Vote for November 3rd, State Election is Saturday, October 24th -  2 PM - 4 PM & 7 PM - 8 PM                                                                 

VOTE BY MAIL                                                                                                                                                                    

Vote by mail applications will be mailed to voters by the Secretary of State’s office for all voters registered  or who have not already mailed in for all elections.

  • The deadline to submit a Vote by Mail application or absentee ballot application
    for mailed ballot for the State Election will be 5 p.m. on Wednesday, October 28th.

Vote by mail ballots may be returned in person, by mail or in the Official Ballot Drop Box located in the front of Town Hall.   

Ballots need to be returned by 8 p.m. on September 1st to the Town Clerk’s Office in order to be counted. 

Any voter who has returned an early or absentee ballot that has been accepted cannot vote in person on Election Day.

2020 Vote by Mail Application

Track my Ballot link:

Absentee Voting

The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot is noon on the day before the election. You may vote absentee ballot if you:

  • Will be absent from your city or town on election day
  • Have a physical disability that prevents your voting at the polling place
  • Cannot vote at the polls due to religious beliefs
  • Absentee Application

The Massachusetts Secretary of State’s website has links to absentee ballot applications and voter information.


November 3, 2020 Election  - October 17, 2020 -October 30, 2020 at Auburn Senior Center (rear entrance) open for in person early voting only

        Dates                                                                                                               Hours

  • Saturday, October 17 & 24 and Sunday, October 18 & 25                  8 am - noon                                                                                     
  • Monday, October 19 & 26                                                                         9 am - 6 pm
  • Tuesday-Thursday October 20-22 & October 27-29                             9 am - 3 pm
  • Friday, October 23 & 30                                                                             9 am - noon

Voting Precincts

Precincts 1 through 5 all vote at Auburn High School in the gym at:
99 Auburn Street
Auburn, MA 01501

The driveway to access the gym is off Auburn Street across from the entrance to I-290. There is no voting access through the main entrance to the High School.

Street List by Voting Precinct (PDF)

 STATE election - NOVEMBER 3, 2020