Voting & Elections

Voter Registration

Voter registration may be done by mail with a mail-in form, in person at the Town Clerk’s office during office hours any time a voter moves into a new town or online.

Voter Registration Form

Voters must be registered to vote 20 days before each election in order to be eligible to vote in that election. On the 20th day before each election a voter registration is held by the Registrars of Voters and the Town Clerk’s office.

 Voting by Mail

Vote by Mail applications will be mailed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth in July and September to every voter who hasn’t already requested a mail-in ballot for the fall elections. These applications will be pre-addressed to the local election office and postage pre-paid.

Vote by Mail applications can also be downloaded or printed from our website.

 Applications can be submitted by mail, email, or fax. If you’re emailing your application, you need to sign it in a way that can be compared to your hand-written signature. Electronic signatures, scanned applications, and photos of applications are acceptable. Typed signatures cannot be accepted.   

Applying for a Primary Ballot

If you’re applying for a primary ballot, and you aren’t registered in a party, you must indicate which party’s ballot you want to receive. If you don’t provide a party on your application, you will not receive a primary ballot.

If you’re unenrolled (commonly called “Independent”) or enrolled in political designations, you are allowed to vote in the party primary of your choice. Your ballot choice will not affect your party registration.

Application Deadlines

Any mail-in ballot must be requested in writing at least 5 business days before Election Day.
Application deadlines for 2022 are listed below. Your application can only be accepted if it has reached the office by the deadline.


Application Deadline

September 6, 2022 State Primaries

5 p.m., Monday, August 29, 2022

November 8, 2022 State Election

5 p.m., Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Apply as early as possible, especially if your ballot will need to be mailed out of town. The U.S. Postal Service recommends allowing up to 7 days for mail delivery. To ensure you receive your ballot with enough time to mail it back, you should apply 2-3 weeks before Election Day.

 Voting in Person

You can still vote in person if you’ve applied to vote by mail. You can vote at the early voting location or your polling place on Election Day.

You can’t vote in person if your ballot has been accepted by the election office. You can’t take your ballot back or vote again.

Use our website to track your ballot status. If your ballot hasn’t been accepted by Election Day, you may vote in person at your polling place. If your ballot arrives at your local election office after you’ve voted, the mail-in ballot will be rejected.




Absentee Voting

Absentee application must be requested and received in the office of the local election official before 5 P.M. on the fourth business day before the date of which the election is held.  

You may vote absentee ballot if you:  

  • Will be absent from your city or town on election day
  • Have a physical disability that prevents your voting at the polling place
  • Cannot vote at the polls due to religious beliefs
  • Absentee Application

The Massachusetts Secretary of State’s website has links to absentee ballot applications and voter information.

Voting Precincts

Precincts 1 through 5 all vote at Auburn High School in the gym at:
99 Auburn Street
Auburn, MA 01501

The driveway to access the gym is off Auburn Street across from the entrance to I-290. There is no voting access through the main entrance to the High School.

Street List by Voting Precinct (PDF)


Polls open 

Annual Town Election Ballots listed below by precinct.  

If you are interested in running for any of the open Town Meeting Member seats as a write in have voters from your precinct write your name in on the ballot from your precinct.