Town of Auburn Overflow Trash Bags

This is the only bag that will be accepted for trash placed outside of the approved trash container. Not for the disposal of recyclable materials. Trash toter lids must be fully closed to ensure that trash stays within the toter, rain or animals don’t get in, etc. If you exceed the amount of trash that can fit in your toter please purchase the approved blue bags from one of the listed locations.

These bags are not to be used for recycling. About 70% of household waste is recyclable, so you could save yourself the cost of extra blue bags by carefully recycling and reduce your amount of trash! You can purchase these bags at

  • Park-N-Shop
    711 Southbridge Street
    Auburn, MA 01501
  • Price Chopper
    564 SW Cutoff Worcester
    Auburn, MA 01501
  • Shaw’s
    368 Southbridge Street
    Auburn, MA 01501

  • Overflow Bag Flyer (PDF)
Approved Overflow Trash Bag